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Holistic Dentistry

Boutique Dental Implants Christchurch’s principal dentist Dr. David Kao specialises in the advanced use of microscopic dental analysis, techniques, and treatments. State-of-the-art camera & microscopic technology enable him and his team to perform holistic dental implant procedures with absolute precision.

Dr. David Kao’s understanding of the natural laws governing living cells (including teeth and facial aesthetics) forms the foundation of his holistic approach to dentistry. With this philosophy, the team is able to deliver precise and natural results for all dental implant procedures. Experience the difference at our clinic today.

Achieving Beauty

Beauty, a reflection of harmony with nature, is a challenging yet instantly recognisable quality. Nature’s intricate forms, shaped over millions of years, are works of art.

Replicating this complexity requires utmost precision at every stage of the dental implant process to create the finest imitation.

Natural Aesthetics
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Natural Aesthetics

At our clinic, we seek to understand how nature achieves its aesthetic qualities. By embracing the uniqueness of each individual’s dental characteristics, we ensure that our dental results reflect the natural beauty of your teeth.

Your smile and dental health are are priority, and this approach allows us to create the most authentic and personalised outcomes – focused on natural aesthetics.

The Microscope

Dentistry requires precise surgical techniques, analogous to watchmaking. Through the use of visual aids such as microscopes, we can enhance our accuracy and improve the overall standard in dental implant procedures.

With magnification up to 20x, we naturally minimise hand tremors and achieve a level of precision 100 times greater than that of the naked eye. Trust us to craft your smile, improve your masticatory function, and provide unparalleled precision.

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